Skin Renewal Treatment – 55mins
All skin types, aging conditions with dark spots (pigmentation), acne scar, fine lines and wrinkles
A unique, efficient renewing resurfacing treatment, combining mechanical (microdermabrasion) and chemical (AHA/BHA) skin peeling, a smart and medically inspired method, without irritation. The result is a renewed and visibly younger looking skin. The surface of the skin is toned and the complexion is even and bright.
White Star Even Skin Tone Facial – 55mins
All skin types, aging conditions with dark spots (pigmentation), fine lines and wrinkles
Using the exclusive Anne Semonin Brightening Complex, this correcting treatment will visibly lights up the complexion and reduces the appearance of sun spots and age spots to unveil a more even skin tone. Its detoxifying anti-oxidants neutralize damage from air pollutants while sea-sourced minerals and moisturizers keep the skin glowing.
Ultra Firming Phyto-Aromatic Facial – 55mins (Signature)
All skin types, aging skin conditions
Redefine how the skin ages with the quintessential regenerating facial therapy. Signs of aging dissolve as essential oils and minerals are gently massaged into the skin improving tone and elasticity. Extracts of Mexican wild yam and rice provide ultimate defense against environmental and maintaining a youthful radiance all the way to a cellular level.
Soothing Repair Phyto-Aromatic Facial – 55mins (Signature)
All skin types, sensitive skin conditions
The secret to soothing even the most delicate skin lies in the exquisite blending of minerals and essential essences. Skin is prepared with gentle cleansing and exfoliation before delighting in the application of luxurious cream mask. The generous application of the algae and kaolin clay formula smoothes and nourishes skin revealing a perfectly calm and soothed complexion.
Cryotherapie Age Defying Facial – 55mins (Signature, Ice Cube treatment® )
All skin types, aging skin conditions
The ultimate anti-aging facial treatment, using oleoresins and neurocosmetics to plump up wrinkles from the inside and relax facial tension, combined with the cryo-toning action of specialized Express Radiance Ice Cubes.
Miracle Eyes – 25mins (Signature, Ice Cube treatment® )
Dark circles, puffiness, and aging skin conditions
An exquisite treatment specifically designed for the delicate eye area brings together a unique combination of contour masks and specialized lymphatic massage, ideal for reducing the signs of aging and melting away stress. Cryotherapy ice cubes diminish puffiness and refresh the eyes.
Hydra Express Phyto-Aromatic Facial – 45mins
Refreshing, firming, healthy look
Suitable for everyone, the clever combination of cleanser, exfoliator and mask allows even the busiest person to attain a look of instant freshness. The fast effective results leave skin hydrated, soft and radiating health.
Deep Marine Purifying Facial – 75mins
Oily to combination skin types, congested, acne-prone skin conditions
A gentle but powerful, complete cleansing treatment using a peel off detoxifying seaweed mask, steam and extraction.
Pregnancy Glow Facial Boost – 55mins
Rehydrating and soothing treatment for hormonal unbalanced skins.