Nude Scrub – 25mins
Moisturizing, nourishing, body polish
An express exfoliation with the nude sea salt & white sand scrub, leaving skin smooth and hydrated. The warming and nourishing qualities of this scrub ensure a soothing experience and visible results.
Express Aromatic Salt Exfoliation – 25mins
Remineralizing, perfecting body polish
An invigorating Noirmoutier sea salt body scrub, boosting your energy levels and leaving your skin perfected and glowing.
Oenotherapy Body Exfoliation – 25mins
Highly anti-oxidant, regenerating, body polish
This energizing grape seed body scrub will leave your skin delightfully soft and smooth. By releasing the full force of polyphenols found in seeds and skin of red grapes, with an anti-oxidant power 20 times stronger than vitamin C, this is the perfect way to a healthy glowing skin.
Oenotherapy Body Wrap – 55mins
Highly anti-oxidant, regenerating, body scrub and wrap
This pampering body rejuvenation will regenerate the skin to its best. An invigorating body scrub is followed by a no-rinse formula of nourishing and anti-aging body mask. The naturally anti-oxidant benefits of this treatment will enhance body drainage, maximize hydration, plump and smooth to perfection, while nurturing your body in a cloud of well-being.
Sea Salt and Aromatic Oil Wrap & Scrub – 55mins
Remineralizing, perfecting body polish and wrap
A tailor made treatment designed to boost the absorption of minerals through the skin. Warming oil is applied to the body and followed by an exfoliating layer of aromatic salts. Once scrubbed, the body is wrapped. The result is a smoothed, detoxed, and nourished skin.
Detoxifying Spirulina Wrap – 55mins
Detoxifying body polish and wrap
A deeply detoxifying body treatment, using spirulena micro-algae to boost toxin release and purify the skin. Increases the energy levels and ideal for weight loss or cleansing programs.
Hydrating Pink Kaolin Clay Body Envelopment – 55mins
Moisturizing and cooling body polish and wrap
Ultra hydrating and moisturizing treatment wrap using super hydrating plant complexes and pink kaolin clay. Smoothes and soothes the skin texture and promotes suppleness.
Anti-Stress Back Therapy – 55mins (Signature)
Treats jetlag and office syndrome
A natural self-heating mineral mud treatment for the back, which releases tight muscles and tension. The feet and legs are massage to promote a deep sense of well-being. Helps to relieve stress and travel fatigue. Ideal to have before a back massage.
Anti-Cellulite Treatment – 75mins
Firming, perfecting the appearance of cellulite
A specific trouble-shooting treatment for cellulite accumulation. This treatment breaks down fatty deposits with an exfoliation, a special treatment with Lipoliss, a stimulating massage for the legs and a detoxifying and firming mask on localized areas. An energizing abdominal massage assists in the elimination of toxins and waste which contributes to cellulite formation.
Pregnancy Therapy – 90mins
A relaxing, unwinding therapy, targeting areas of aches and pains and rejuvenating the face and body to give the ultimate radiance back to the skin.
Made-to-Measure Massage – 55mins (Signature)
A tailor-made massage using powerful effects of aromatic botanical body oils. A combined technique of traditional Swedish, shiatsu, and deep tissue styles ensure complete relaxation and physical benefits.

Energising & Toning with ginger and vitamin E to ease muscle tension and boost circulation

Anti-Oxidant & Vitamin, a powerful blend of cranberry and olive oils, bursting with anti-oxidants, to restore the skins natural radiance

Detoxifying & Draining, the stimulating peppermint and lemongrass enlivens the senses and expedites removal of toxins

Nourishing & Relaxing, a subtle blend of pure essential oils to release travel fatigue and stress

Pumices Massage – 55mins (A unique massage experience)
Thai inspired Parisian-style hot compress massage
A revisited ancient massage technique based on linen pumices, filled with all the goodness of powerful grape seeds, natural grape essences and aromatic essential oils. Through a combination of heat, pressure and the effects of the red grape and essential oils, this gentle massage helps to banish tension and eases tensed muscles.